Amc Walking Dead season 1 Episode 1 – Days Gone Bye

The season having the fantaluous conversation between two colleagues (Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh, the writer here want to seek your attention towards the upcoming alacrity and suddenly the picture of the episode jumped up into two phases one with  the hospital bed; with Rick Grimes and other phase covered with Shane. In between the whole situation having completely concentric over the “survival of livelihood”

Strategic rules

Here the corporate protocol allow us to know about the founder and co-founder of company set the strategy and planning for the respective areas working, it is very soon to observe by these top peoples of the corporate world with their visionary approach about the future of the company. So more conclusive way till this time the Episode pointing us  towards the establishment of the company’s “vision” for the survival in all matter of situation.

Season 1; Episode -01

Rick woke up on the hospital bed after a long a unconscious mind (coma)   and really felt a sorrowful situation and all the surrounding having the pungiant smell and the walkers(Zombies) all over the Atlanta, Georgia. Somehow he found the way for escaping and really wants to see his family (his wife Lori and son Carl). Visited to the house but he found them missing but due the instinct of missing of the photo albums, as well as randomly packed clothes that gave him a new instinct for the survival of his family.  He accidently founded by the Norman and his son Duane, initially both son and father were in the dilemma for clarifying either the Rick is infected or not but it finally assured for rick and give a shelter as per the humanity basis. Norman’s wife infected with infection and both father and son having bloomy situation and ricks also encountering the same situation.

Strategic rules

We have the vision for the organization and it is better under with ricks’ woke; certainly the situation occur in corporate in terms of the recession occurred with the grand opening of the opening, most the times the corporate walk away from the market  without facing the challenges and simultaneously also happened with other working employees also absconded without prior notice and here the CEO, COO , CFO  and top management peoples to find the strong reason to motivates and increase the enthusiasm of their employees, same as ricks have the motivational factor to survive for family.

Similarly the organization must believes in the instincts (like what ricks’ found missing Album and clothes) to face the recession time, organization taking care of the core value of business (route product and services) and this is time some of the other organizations encounter the same deal just like Norman and his son, corporate looked over the other phase of the recession i.e. merger and ventures development with common goal of survival.

Season 1; Episode -01

Ricks and Norman and his son had decided to make bond for further communication and at the same time they got the armor for defense from the walkers. Now rick decide to search his family and relative along with all gun bag but unfortunately he did not find anything alive and he found the horse from the relative house, with horse riding he entered in city unknowingly about the strength of the walkers and situation seems to be deadlock for him sudden attack of walkers over him and at same time horse was  haunted walker and  fortunately he found the to his live in the army tank here he found the army radio transmitter to get the another chance to connect himself with other living one.

Strategic rules

Once the venture is established then the corporate have a back up for penetrating the market as well as great opportunity for the taking over the recession in one the respective area. All along with corporate stick with vision and continuous motivate for the mission i.e.  now to manage the Human resource for the sustainable growth and development  likewise the Ricks try to collect the arms and ammo for defense and transmitter for the communication with other survival.


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