Amc the walking dead season 2 Episode 2 – Bloodletting

Season 2; Episode -02

Ricks brought his sun in his arms along with Shane and other Odis towards the house to make his son alive; fortunately the one of the family member of the Odus was a doctor and started to make things under control and dr. told Ricks to donate the blood because the surgery will cost to lose the blood and mean while Ricks wants to inform the Lori. On other hand the remaining group were busy for searching for the Sofia and in between Lori tried to convince Andrea by giving her the gun, the sound of the gun was also heard by them also and Lori had a doubt why there was only one shot of gun fired and here dale and T- Dog were with vehicle and dale check out the wound of the T- Dog and told him to took some medication otherwise he would face the infection and T- Dog was searching for medicine from the others car.

Strategic rules

As soon as possible the product inside the market encountered by the other allied branch then it might be the chance to find the new place where would the organization really wants to make the new assurance by the mean of the  quality support as dr. was doing or his family is doing for the Ricks’ group. Exchange of the live risk would work like that the new technological aspects would be the reliable factors to resurrect the demand of the same product. Both the corporates stay focused over the same product to recover the products live from unfortunate conditions.

Season 2; Episode -02

Because of the blood donation to his son Ricks felt weakness and dr. wanted the other necessary medicine for further surgery but Odus wants to go alone to 5 miles for the medicine and then Shane along with Odus were left towards the city for taking the medicine, T- dog got the chance to smoke and Dale advised to him avoid to smoke and they were discussing comparatively then dale gave him same medicine.  Other guys inside the forest were in the forest and Andrea was attacked by the walker and she started screaming it was the fortunate the girl over the horse saved her life by hitting walker in the head by baseball and told Lori her boy Carl got the gun shoot and other guys moved back to street. Lori got reached to Ricks and they had a conversation how this was all happened and in between Lori interrogate the dr. and got to knew doctor was veteran dr. and Shane and his companion got fire candles from the sheriff car and with the help of these fire candle they instructed the walker to another direction and got the free end to move towards the medical emergency and dr. informed Carl had the low blood pressure. Shane and his companion got all listed items but as they open the entrance gate to moved out of the department then walkers monitored them and started attacking somehow both were able to fix themselves in the quagmire situation.

Strategic rules

Ricks was doing very well to save Carl’s life so- called the leaders are also along with employees to save the product life cycle during the price penetration, promotional way or place but fortunately he would be more conscious about core value of the product so the necessities to revamp the product along with revolutionary up gradation still the lack of the technology must hired from the other resources it is similar to Shane and Odu both were engaged for collecting the saving drugs along fighting with walkers. Here it is clear that while the organization facing the recession and resilience is absent then no one can save the product life cycle and simultaneously organization lose the revenue model.

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