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Season-6: With entrust of the other survivor along with Rick and Alexandrian non elective residents get ready to create a fence with additives support of all group members to make walk away the deadly walkers from community. As far as the walkers herd knock off surrounding Alexandria because of the invasion of the wolves but the same situation was no longer in existence as the number of the walkers increases and they were pretending to cross the wall and with more and more aggression for attacking they over run the wall and led the survival group entrapped and Group was tending to escape but mind threaten incident with Carl when he lost his an eye and several deaths they were in the same quagmire situation. Diversion was the only weapon which could possibly make the walkers run for other direction and this camouflage for distracting their attention and meanwhile Rick and Michonne pompous the rest of the community members when burning fuel (brought by Daryl) event executed.

Furthermore Rick with his own intuition and anticipation moved beyond the Alexandria for collaboration with other survival communities in order to counter act against the walkers. Later on the challenges had been arrived after two years by the means of shortage of the food and necessary stuffs for anymore survival, onwards they met Jesus who relatively wanted to trade with Hilltop; with avaricious facilities like food and medicine for making their team more confident and ready to make a fight against Highway robbery this was completely planned execution of attacking strategy with the support of all team member Rick was enabled to wipe overcharging survivor and finally implicate a man to be a leader among from the group named Negan.

Still the rest of survivor having the gut feeling for threat and attaining prospect for the prisoners heft against Alexandria. Along with advocacy of extreme measures carried out by Carol and consequently found in morass and she was rescued by Morghan. In between Maggie got to know her pregnancy complications and it’s fortunately carried by Rick’s to the Hilltop colony for the further medical investigation and procedure in order to recover meanwhile they got acquainted with quadrisect situation as the main road was blockaded by saviors and let them find another route to reach out. The whole situation became the turmoil for all the members accompanied by the nervous breakdown. It has been another level of stand steel as Negam re-assumed for Rick’s group must be punished because they killed his men; over the gun point he wanted to all of them on their knees.

Walking Dead Season 6 Full Episodes

No of Episodes


Release Date


Waking dead Season 6 Episode  1

First Time Again

 Oct 11, 2015


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 2


 Oct 18, 2015


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 3

Thank You

 Oct 25, 2015


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 4

Here’s Not Here

 Nov 1, 2015


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 5


 Nov 8, 2015


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 6

Always Accountable

 Nov 15, 2015


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 7

Heads Up

 Nov 22, 2015


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 8

Start to Finish

 Nov 29, 2015


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 9

No Way Out

 Feb , 2016


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 10

The Next World

 Feb , 2016


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 11

Knots Untie

 Feb , 2016


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 12

Not Tomorrow Yet

 Mar , 2016


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 13

The Same Boat

 Mar, 2016


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 14

Twice as Far

Mar, 2016


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 15


Mar, 2016


Waking dead Season 6 Episode 16

Last Day on Earth

Mar, 2016




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