The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 Watch Online streaming live

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 Watch Online streaming live


Episode Name – New Best Friends

Release date –  February 19, 2017

Number – Season 7 Episode 10

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 Online The whole world knows what ‘The Walking Dead’ is all about. The walking dead is TV series since 2010 with a huge fan following and has completed it 6 seasons successfully. Needless to say that The Walking Dead is so much popular for everyone of any age. However, the Season 7 has already shown its 8 episodes in December and people are waiting for the next episode 9. AMC already released the trailer of episode 9 on YouTube worldwide. This time fan will get more surprises and of course action. This time the groups will get together to kill Negan according to the trailer released.  The wait is until 19th of Feb and gets ready to watch world’s most demanded horror drama series.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 Youtube

Let‘s give an idea what will be there to watch in the second half of 7th season. In 7th season Rick wakes up from a long sleep he was shot in the fight and went into coma. Rick comes to know about undead all over the world and he summed up his courage and goes out to look for his family. On his journey, he finds out some other survivors. Rick’s breaks down when he came to know about his wife death. Meanwhile, Negan brutally murders Glenn and Abraham. Maggie keeps continuing with Sasha’s aid.

Negan takes Rick in his custody and Rick agrees to follow his rules. Saviours take Daryl back to imprison and left him there for torture of Negan’s lieutenant Dwight. The episode has a deeper look at the Sanctuary and Saviours. Could see the most messed up zombie!

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The Walking Deda season 7 episode 9 online
The Walking Deda season 7 episode 10 online

Carol and Morgan come to know about Kingdom Alexandria from there the food supply is given under violent threat. The war against Negan is about to take together by other groups. Carl and Rosita try to assassinate Negan but them both misses. In retaliation Olivia gets kill. Negan gets a hint and tells Rick that the Kingdom makes it worst now.

Rick goes to the Hilltop to meet Maggie and Sasha and he gets surprised to see Daryl there. Daryl later tells that he managed to escape from there and now they all decide to starts a war with Negan.

Let’s watch the episode on 19th of Feb to see how undead overcome to alive. Watch it for horror and thrill and of course action with unusual arms.

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