The walking dead season 1 Episode 2 – Guts

Season 1; Episode -02

Ricks got success for making the connection with other survival and ricks believes that his family is secured in centre of disease control and prevention (CDC) but city has been rushed by walkers and no other safe zone existing and at same time he was rescued by the Glenn Rhee and met with Glenn’s group members (Andrea,Theodore, “T- Dog” Douglas and Jacqui) all of them set  themselves in the Atlanta departmental store. Now rick found the Merle Dixon claiming himself the dominant for leadership but internal confliction in the group occurred and Ricks handcuffed Merle and along with remaining member looking for the other way to find the other way to evacuate from the dead lock situation.

Strategic rules

When the HRM is ready to recruit the candidates of the similar vision and mission then the holistic strategy would lead the corporate to run even in recession. As the Ricks accompanied with Glenn’s group but even though when the HRM is working honestly the rare chance of the unpredictable man power enter into the corporate so either the corporate the compliance over him to give a chance to follow the trail of the “vision” same is happened with Merle Dixon, handcuffed by Rick ( compliance); dealing with this unfortunate corporate should follow the intuition and seeking for the new idea generation not only encounter the recession but also to capture the new segments of the market.

  Season 1; Episode -02

Ricks and Glenn’s group did not find the success for escape from the underground tunnel and they decided to create the camouflage for the walkers like they killed one of the walker and raped all the body mass with his body and at the same time T-dog got success to establish the contact with other survival out of the city. When the Ricks and Glenn found the carrier vehicle and one of the car with siren to divers the walker then they were able to move for safe location but unfortunately when T- dog is going to set free from the handcuff to Merle the key got missed in the pipe and he left him over the roof and locked the door outside. Finally all were in the vehicle and along with siren car.


When the corporate trying to generate the new idea, this is the initial stage for the new product development, during the corporate is trying to take the another risk so here the corporate also prepared with risk management (Walker =Competitors) so what is the new in this risk management is that to incorporate the intra-competition just like the camouflage the Rick’s and Glenn created for the Walkers.  By developing competitor product with in his product line then corporate ready to manage the next door competitor for the same product line.

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