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Season 1; Episode -03 – Tell It to the Frogs

Merle Dixon still on the floor of the tower and having the agonizing time due to hand handcuff at the same time the walkers tried to open the entrance and it’s good for him that T- dog shackled the door and looked from the outside. on other hand shane walsh was chanting with carl and Lori; Glenn came with his red siren car along with vehicle and all the peoples found themselves happy  after long time. Ricks’ found his family back (wife –Lori and son carl) and shane walsh – colleague and afterwards the family conversations and making the emotions settled with discussion with close companion and discussing about the merle Dixon.  after long time Ricks and Lori having the bedtime together and it’s morning time; things are cool and calm with formal convene and in between the ladies start screaming because they find the walker and then dale Horvath cut the head and at the same time Dixon’s brother- Daryl Dixon enter into the picture and shoot the bow into head of walker to made him completely dead.

Strategic rules

In previous strategy we had frame the intra competition from the hand of this episode-03, here the new phase of the corporate has been come into the picture i.e. resilience one of the product in the market build up that is easily defeated from the competitor product but uncertainty is still existing for complete drag out from the market this would help us the strategic management department get to know the hidden intrigue as well as corporate can save the product (Merley Dixon gate was closed & walkers still not catch him) from the market.

Similarly at the time of recession joint venture & mergers act as livelihood for the corporate, as you know during the time recession what would make the corporate to be underpinning it’s only by managerial support for the prospective morass condition as from the team effort and unity of all the group would makes the whole environment holistic so accordingly team effort they got a chance for the amusement. Under such circumstances the competition would be resolved with strategic alliances like what Horvath cut the head of the one of the walker.


Season 1; Episode -03

Shane walsh got the moments to discuss about the his brother hand cuffed to a roof and they left him after listen this he was full of antipathy and T- dog had a key the dropped into drain and chained the door as well as gate locked. Ricks and other made the plan to go back to city to set free the merle and also wants to get back the gun bag and also disclose the whole things about stuffs that he required to maintain the connectivity, ricks requested to take the cutter in the exchange of gun, sum of this Darly, Ricks, Glenns and T- Dog left for the city to save the life of the merle Dixon and they all reached to the railway track and walked towards the tower and other end of the episode engaging with calr and shane with catching the frog and ladies were discussing the individual fantasy and missing the things that they loved like mobile to text and vibrator etc.  on other hand Lori wants to settle down the relationship and told the shane keep distance from her family, Andrew started the quarrelsome with ladies group and at the same time shane walsh keep hitting with countless the punches over the face and warn the Andrew never ever try to repeat the abusing things with ladies . Ricks and group cut the chain and open the roof door simultaneously did not find the Merle Dixon missing.


Strategic rules

What the organization having the next door step planning to save the one of the product from the competition as the Merley was hand cuffed over the floor and Ricks’ group was planning to save him and recover the guns bag most strongly at the time of recession at uncertainly happening with one of the product and competition draw the product out of the market as Merley was missing from the floor and majorly the supporting evidence like what price, place, promotion or product any of the parameter will directly affect the market competitive advantage. So keep on tracking which one these 4ps’ of the marketing mix will result into the loss of the product.

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