The Walking dead season 1 Episode 4 – Vatos

Season 1; Episode -04

Amy and her mother talking about the last memories spent with her along with father adopt some sensitive discussion with some funny things to catch the fish and do not cry at the boat dad’s rule otherwise fish will frighten so on… The Ricks’ group found the Merle was missing and only his cut hand present and they start following the blood stain to find out where Merle had gone but unfortunately they did not find it anymore worthy.  other hand the  jam was continuously digging the holes and  dale was pretty in chaos for jam and family were engaged to manage the horrified days, Shane insisted to jam disclose the things that he had hiding from family members.

Ricks’ group was planning to recover the guns’ bag and Daryl Dixon unfortunate to give the backup Glenn  and he kidnapped by the other gangs, the family have the favor for the jam and he continue with formal conversation asking for sorry  for his misbehavior and family were having happy moments with fish .  Ricks’ group was ready to for the trade of the boys  exchange (Glenn and gang boy) and gang bang group decided to exchange along with gun’s bag along with boys and this time Ricks’ group completely ready with the attacking position at the same time  the grandmother of the talemi (gang leader) came and Rick’s move to visit the accommodation at other facility for the injured peoples, all the basic arrangements were there that blowing the mind of Rick and conversation among the Ricks’ group and the gangbang’s leader for the further safe guard for the rest of the live human being. Afterward they had decided to return to safe house family zone but unfortunately the vane was not there.


Strategic rules

Whenever the corporate having the sessions for analyzing or memorizing the last successive milestones and sacrifices then it would help them to tighten relationship or creating the harmonious tuning and other employees of the corporate would be fascinated by the certain evidence to manifest the product line for further recovery of the other sensitive products. It majorly happening with that companies employees also having the lucrative salary packages offered by the other competitive corporate but it is the fortunate for the corporate to have the loyal hearted employee like what Jam was infectious from the walker but he was still doing the favorable things for the family in order to sustain the relationship. Similarly the corporate having the employees that would be along with organization even in the situation of recession.

It is always be risk while corporate looking for additives that make the product enduring like what Ricks tried to recover the guns bag, within the competitive scenario the competitor is also ready to destruct the research team as the gang bang group was already have a smell of guns bag , so the corporate should have to minimize risk by encountering one of the competitor product. So here we have the chance to negotiate for our product to make the recovery. It is sometimes also happening with whom the corporate negotiating it would be a kind of favored down with common goal so at this moments corporate would be in a situation of making the market more sustainable for future competition.


Season 1; Episode -04

Ammy’s mother Andrea was planned the gift for the ammy’s birthday and the family get together on the fish dinner and they were amusing each other with emotional conversation and chuckles on old man saying (Dale) and ammy stand up and Andrea asked where you were going she replied with annoying way for pee. one of the walker came to the place and all were screaming and afraid attacking with gun fire mean while Ammy were attacked by the walker her mother awaked whole night as she was missing her birthday and at the same day she died because of the attacked and Andrea was in the full of gloomy condition and Ricks’ group arrived in between the attacking condition. in the morning time Ammy was shoot by her mother but before going to shoot dead she  presented her gift the necklet and then she shoot in the head because of her infectious body awaking with monstrous way of the walker.


Strategic rules

Yes! Of course during the course of the competition all of sudden corporate must be alert for what’s the competitor had planned for you, with unpredictability and anticipatory or might be the sales forecasting techniques would work for it to mitigate the risk of the competitor same happened when the all family members were sitting and enjoying the dinner or having the amusing time with family members. So it is about annihilating competitor from the market simultaneously it must be monitor the steps of the competitor as you know at the time of the heavy festival or celebration time products, price, promotional and place or correlated strategies has been changed for a particular market segment.

You might get an idea, this would be the time when the competitor launches his new product and when does happened then it could be more exaggerated by customers as they had never seen it before and accordingly from this event others existing products also compromised as you guys! Got from walkers attack Ammy and family members were killed and so the most convincingly competitor product also showed the attacking position by obliterating existing product.

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