The Walking dead season 1 Episode 5 – Wildfire

Season 1; Episode -05

It’s a morning time Ricks was on the walky talky and keep on talking about the Morghan and warning him take care of your boy and do not enter into the city as the last light the walkers attached on them, Glenns arguing with group peoples for the peoples must be buried not the gigs and jam was found with the infectious cut mark and he was pretending for the safe and did not do wrong with anyone and then all the group members were busy for the safety and zero tolerance for the walkers and anticipating for the CDC would be safe place as well as having the all necessary things like medicine, food stuff and all and then Ricks took him on the safe place. Andrea and Dale were discussing on the Ammy’s memories and after buried all the human friend body in between the survival group having the conflictions to inflamed the body instead of burring them.

Andrea buried her daughter on herself and then finally the whole is ready to move for the CDC and Jam’s healthy was on the verse of the death Ricks, Shane and Lori were discussing whether it was the right decision to move for the CDC and Ricks and Shane still having the argument for the CDC and Shane was pretending the Ricks was doing the things because his family thing all  this conversation were happening at the time hunting and then suddenly Dale came and sum of the family members did not agree to go with the Ricks’ group and they left for the CDC . In between the journey Jam was broken down because his health and group decided like as said by the Dale to ask him what to do with him and Jam decided to depart from the group and he would be able survive.

Strategic rules

When the corporate had found the products were not any more existing and they realized to make them settled in the great memories of the corporate and also encourages them to face next level of risk and either the way to re-engineered the strategy like any of 4ps’ so it might be any ‘P’ after deep scrutinizing current challenges of market they relocate the product segments as the Ricks’ grouped decided to move for the CDC and considered as the safe place and possibly they would find the medical care out there for the Jam’s health. Corporate also having the forecasting team and want would the chances of the survival in the market along with certainty of the future risk


Season 1; Episode -05

In CDC there was scientist here for searching the antidote for the infection his name is Dr. Jenner and recording the over the video camera for the general stuffs the power saving generator and all. Right now was in the lab testing the new slides for testing purpose along with music in between the accidently the contamination spread and power system instructed for the decontamination he would be liable to save his life and dr. jenner was drunk and disappointing because he did not find any productive results. On the hand the whole family reached over the CDC campus and dr. Jenner found reported on camera, shutter was down and no buddy to help the group and the argumentative conditions were existing in the group Ricks insisted looking into the camera that they were miles away and food, fuel were existing and children and family were not able to face the dead lock situation so he had to make them help after that dr. Jenner decided to open the door.

Strategic rules

When the corporate relocate the place of strategy execution and might be fascinating all the employees as they really know only certain things are possibly known but still the dogma of darkness not revealed because only the owner of the place knew the exactly about the liability of existing resources as only dr. Jenner knew all about the incident had happened at that place and what would be the probability for running the CDC work place. But because of the risk and resilience way of the survival corporate was trying to survive by immediate risk management  so what would happened for corporate to make his existence only to provoke the employees for the periodic recovery from the last loses it’s a mean time process for rejuvenating the confidence level for the next unpredictable things.

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