The Walking Dead season 1 Episode 6 Finale – TS-19

Season 1; Episode -06

All family members were standing at the opened door of the CDC dr. Jenner came to ask what do you want and told for the blood test and then all were in in the CDC, members were start interrogating for other doctors and staff mean while the blood testing found that all were hungry from the last days and dr. Jenner were offered the dinner and Shane was asking for historic chance why other peoples walked away and dr. Jenner were continuously encounter the queries. All were happy and ready to pay their gratitude towards the dr. and more interestingly it was great thing  with availability of the hot water they all took the bath and Andrea was facing the healthcare challenge because of vomiting and Dale was fortunately present at the same place.

Ricks was drunk that night and asking to dr. about the medical reports and emotionally attached with doctor, Kids were busy in the study sessions, Shane and Lori having the combative conversations and approaching for the sexual pleasure, this was the morning time all were on the breakfast tables and they were having strong itch to make clear what was happened to all of them from the starting they want to know each and everything then dr. Jenner were took them to work station and started to explain things about the probability of the survival and dr. continuous with describing all the test object and how the infections affected the healthy brain and meningitis braining shutting down and events were going in the testing object i.e. resurrecting by the restarting the brain stem only other human does not coming back.

Strategic rules

Once the all the employees sanctified and without any insecurity of risk then were engaged for what the idea generation through which they want to resurrect the market segment for their esteemed product lines. The whole product development team need to study whole prospective as well as existing marketing products what they are facing the challenges with the rational feedback from the customer as well as analyzing the product features of the competitor market. Full R&D team the strategic and planning department will lead the new product definition as you knew dr. Jenner was describing the research aspects for inventing the new drug molecule that would be responsible to defeat the competition.


Season 1; Episode -06

Predictions were proposed for the way of survival and Dales asked about the clock timer and Ricks asked the same question from the artificial intelligence system what would happened at zero by the clock as well as  the computer instructed for the decontamination and no buddy know  about what does it mean to be decontamination happened. Dr. jenner was pretty sure about the things finally taking place, Computer was shutting down all nonessential source to save the power to last minute and after 28 minute the whole system would be decontaminated to protect the others life because CDC is the work place for infectious that’s why each and everything must be annihilate from the CDC work station so whole guys decided to walk away immediately but dr. Jenner and one of the architecture ladies and exploded and remaining members of family were safe and secure inside the vehicle  and moved on for looking the next safe zone.


Strategic rules

When corporate were in the position of the quick stand then it is the whole sole responsibility of the leader inside the company to take a scan for any kind of anticipatory uncertainty and of course they would got something to be managed by strategic execution of planning like what Dale asked from dr, Jenner would happened if the timer clock having the zero readings so this would be a kind of intuition when the corporate leaders took over competitor products line. As dr. already told that once the main exit door closed then it can never be open so once again the whole corporate team realized the cut de sac situation and at the same time one of the employees consistently working to encounter the same situation so here you would got an idea for incorporating the incredible peoples into your team because e they would act like the oxygen for brain when whole environment devoid of it. Same as the hand granite act to save the life of all of them by breaking down the bullet proof glass and at same time corporate find the exit door for to move out of this dire situation but somehow it would unconventional one of them was over frustrating from this lively competition that’s why they would have to lose the faith for the further succession, in corporate terminology it would be the chance to switch the organization or in a better sense some of the employee would believe to resign from the current corporation. Ina true sense it does not make any sense for the corporate lose the employees those did not find the worthy the competitiveness

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