The walking dead season 2 Episode 1 – What Lies Ahead

Season 2; Episode -01

Ricks was on walky talky try to communicate to others survivor and did not find anyone even he did not connected with Morghan and CDC was dead end and we are keep on moving and I cannot lose the faith if I can then other will easily, we would stick together till death and Morghan you would be doing ok and keep moving away from the road and signing off. All the group on moving on the road and they were facing the dead lock situation because all the cars on the road were messed up and suddenly the radiator was having the water deficiency and they were searching of water and other necessary staffs from the others car. When Shane found the water bottles all were happy to found but mean while the group of walkers were coming from the other side and all members were set themselves hide from them but Andrea was still inside the vehicle then one of the walker entered into the same and Dale was on the roof of the vehicle fortunately he dropped the crew driver because that she would be able to make a defense and T-dog got injured and big cut in his arm and lots of blood on the ground also luring the walkers but meanwhile Dixon saved his life; by covered him with walkers dead body.


Strategic rules

Here corporate the new strategy i.e. resilience that means having the characters of posit (start a discussion) and dedicated for the work with strong belief that would be buttressed with corporate ethnic values and sometimes the optimistic approach distract the sense of the reality.  With imperative though process the managers would have the gut feeling for surviving as the Ricks’ grouped did not lose the hope and stick together somehow the same thing is happening with corporate at time of the down facing organization must have the faith to encounter futurist challenges. Keep moving on the track of success and hurdles came same as the vehicle radiator burn out and road was blocked with messed cars. In such kind of condition if the product in market existing and competitor wants to ridicule the customer’s faith over the product then corporate must had deal to encounter with salience working till the down town stormed passed away.

it can possibly the chance of losing the newly derived sales team because competitor did not wants to make their themselves weaken in the presence of the strong team of other player.  Either the competitor hire the same employee from their opponent on hire package and it means they are going to weaken the human resource and wants to win the customers belief by aggressive marketing most similar it was happening when Sofia was missing when the walkers started to follow her so this was the condition where all family members were emotional broken down and start panicking. So here the center of attention was Sofia similarly if employee turnover rate is higher than it is the question to survive in the market but still the products with genuine feature even though market having other competitor then the chances of the survival increases.  As the Dixon helped to T- Dog to save his life from the walkers when he got injured and with continuous blood loos from the wounded part.


Season 2; Episode -01

Unfortunately during the attack of the walkers Sofia became the victim of the walkers and she started screaming and walked towards the forest and Ricks, Shane also moved to give her back –up and then Ricks told her to stay at the safe place until he returned to her but Sofia  run out the place so whole family members started panicking for her because she was missing and her mother Carol insisting to all other to search her, Andrea having  argumentative behavior with Dale and she wanted that would be stay in the car and also T-dog.

They found the camp in the forest but Sofia was still missing and mean while they heard the church bell and got the intuition for the Sofia present but finally they got only walkers inside the church they were attacked over the walker made them dead and bell was ringing because of the electronic timer.  Shane was having the hardship with Lori, all the conversation listen by Andrea and she was forcing Shane to give her a gun to make him protective then the group decided to move in different locations Dixon gave the gun to Lori and Ricks, Shane and Carl were in other group; Ricks was praying inside the church to help the family and friends and asking to them a direction to move from this dogma with safely. At the mean time there was the deer all three of them want to haunt the animal but unfortunately other haunter having the guns on the same and the gun fire shoot on the deer also injured the Carl.


Strategic rules

When one o the product is losing the market then it is the natural phenomena that it is seeking the attention of the manager how to make it safe from competitor as Ricks was protecting Sofia from the walkers but somehow the organization loses the product or might be the chance to substitute from the market but somehow the corporate believe to have the niche of these product.  Whenever the resilient wants to take over deadlock then consistently chances of other factors that might be attractive to the customers as the deer was the lucrative factor that would result into the injuring one of the human resource as Carl was got gun shot and similar the situation still dogmatic to save one another life, with other source of the alliance to new location would also customized the main product when Odus shoot to deer and same shot was hit to Carl so accordingly odus decided to take the medicines or help him out from the life endangerment.

Corporate knows very well the lack of resources to save the current product line for optimizing the competition as well as recession, organization would into the picture of the joint venture like to learn the new technology or mock drill make them more exclusive with gradation in all the settings of sustainable development and growth.

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