Walking dead Season 2 Episode 3 – Save the Last One

Season 2; Episode -03

Ricks and his wife imperatively were looking for Shane to get back and where Shane along with his partner trying escape from the quagmire situation and finally he got the chance to moved out of window.  Glenn and T- Dog reached to the doctor’s house because health of the T-dog compromised. Dixon and Andrea in night out and looking for the Sofia. Shane reached to the doctor’s house but without Odus, all other family membered got the gloomy situation. Andrea and Daryl Dixon returned to the vehicle without Sofia. Doctor made the surgery successfully and at same time they were facing sorrowful conditions and Lori was with her son and pretending her love towards son and Shane was taking the bath and realized that he got too knew about the incident that he did with Odus by the mean of the looking over the head part with lost hair and it might be the sign to remind him what he did with Odus was completely injustice.

Strategic rules

When the corporate having the foreseen strategic planning as you know both allied partner are always supporting the core value i.e. Vision. It hardely matters for the them to what extent they are going to make the recovery for the same products and venturesome partners also encourages the organization revenue model with single tone. It is usually happened with number of corporate to face the challenges but it also true with them if gone through the quagmire situation then only got the real chance to ultra-refined the relationship and also get to the loyal employees as well as who would come first in order to support the organization so- called Shane brought the medicine for Carl’s surgical operation and allied members also searching for the Sofia  but somehow the audience phase the challenge to digest the incident happened with Odus when Shane shoot him down, what makes the sense to save the life or save the life of the embryonic product (Carl) and some have to scarify preventing the competitor (Walkers) from chasing Shane, similarly it is happening within the organization at the time of the intra competition i.e. when one of own product try to encounter the customer for the core product of the organization. So corporate must designed the product not to cross the segments of other product for the same segment.

Season 2; Episode -04

All other family members were also reaching to doctor’s house and asking for the Carl’s health and whole the family done the funeral ceremony. It was the morning time all the family members were ready to searched out Sofia and also assured doctor’s safety  and they planned to move with all security, Glenn was leaving with a girl (Maggi) over the horse  for the pharmacy, in between the T- dog and Dale  to collect the water from the reservoir by mean of hand pump near the deep dig of the water having the walker inside and they were planned to make out him from the dig and Glenn tried to move inside the dig to tied the walker but  the support of the hand pump lost the ground support and then Glenn was screaming because trying caught him  but they pulled out the Glenn and in-between Glenn got success to tied the walker’s arms.

Strategic rules

After overcoming dogmatic conditions corporate try to expending the area for the functionality along with his co-workers or with the allied employees that they were both working for the new style of the passionate working in their individual prospective areas as Glenn moved to pharmacy for the necessary mecicne and feminine things along with Maggi and similarly the individual department of the organization readily enriched with enthusiasm for the outstanding performance in order to get succeed the product line and win the customers faith. Like other guys in the episode were busy for the basic needs like drinkable water same it happening within the corporate to manage the respective resources for the successive development of the product.  Somehow the dale other members pulled out the walkers from the water reservoir dig and it is co- related with organization to rectify the error once they want to start new  product development and 99% corporate environment must be suitable as well as enriched  with creativity.

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