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Season: 3

It had been so long spending in the troop for making the conditions more surviving in this infectious as well as dead lock conditions, Rick’s group become having none other option rather than prison where they are compromised and willingness to take a risk with infested walkers and simultaneously they rescued two of the treachery impeach. As you knew the Lori’s son was dealing with deadly accident of the gun shoot and doctors was mad only choice to save him by the operation for facilitation of the operation Shane arranged the necessary medical equipment and medicine and finally her son was saved.

Facts and death in The walking dead season 3 

But in between stand steel condition had been for the Ricks and continuously facing the challenges with delusion of the Lori and the similar the other two of the colleagues had died. Ongoing incident along with Merle Dixon who resurrect the Andrea along with Michonne; found nearby the farm house and then they carried her to the safe place and for the further recovery of the worst health condition . it was the place which had been declared to the woodbury and readily known as the Governor. Michonne was the clever enough and through strong determination got success through mischievous behavior and moved to the prison where it was possibly meet with the Ricks’ group and made them ready to save their lives and simultaneously she guided in order to accomplish mission that accompanied with Glenn and Maggie’s knock down. All along with fatality from both sides of the groups i.e. one of the Ricks’ group and the Governor’ group and in surviving conditions still existing while Michonne blemish the whole situation after blaming the prison group was the terrorist and the Merle was the backstabber.

The walking dead season 3 star on fire

Meanwhile the Daryl Dixon was rejoin his partial lost brother and Daryl decided to leave the rest of the group at the time prison. Another turn came in the episode when Rick’s also confronted for returning to the home town all together with necessary ammo and guns and even though he did not still connected with Morghan and reconceiving morality for the frenzy Morghan. On the other end Andrea was opting the Governor for the making the win- win situation for the rescue and offering shelter to the Rick’s group in the clandestine way. Unfortunate conditions was still exist because Governor had planned for intriguing and this was baffled by the Merle on the cost of his death. Andrea got success to set free woodbury but at the same time Governor locked her with walker and readily attacked with full range on the all the members of the abandoned prison. Rick’s group was attacked by all the ends and simultaneously Governor become bloomy and set the butchery event to own peoples those refused to counter act. Rick’s group was back to the Woodbury and enforcing to take the all survivors but unfortunately Andrea was no more available and mean while the Governor escape.

List of The Walking Dead Season 3 All Episodes

No of Episodes


Release Date


Walking dead season 3 Episode  1  Seed  Oct 14, 2012  6.5
Walking dead season 3 Episode 2  Sick  Oct 21, 2012  7.2
Walking dead season 3 Episode 3  Walk with Me  Oct 28, 2012  5.8
Walking dead season 3 Episode 4  Killer Within  Nov 4, 2012  9.0
Walking dead season 3 Episode 5  Say the Word  Nov e 11, 2012  8.5
Walking dead season 3 Episode 6  Hounded  Nov 18, 2012  7.2
Walking dead season 3 Episode 7  When the Dead Come Knocking  Nov 25, 2012  8.5
Walking dead season 3 Episode 8  Made to Suffer  Dec 2, 2012  6.9
Walking dead season 3 Episode 9  The Suicide King  Feb 10, 2013  8.5
Walking dead season 3 Episode 10  Home  Feb 17, 2013  8.0
Walking dead season 3 Episode 11  I Ain’t a Judas  Feb 24, 2013  7.9
Walking dead season 3 Episode 12  Clear  Mar 3, 2013  7.8
Walking dead season 3 Episode 13  Arrow on the Doorpost  Mar 10, 2013  5.9
Walking dead season 3 Episode 14  Prey  Mar 17, 2013  8.2
Walking dead season 3 Episode 15  This Sorrowful Life  Mar 24, 2013  7.9
Walking dead season 3 Episode 16  Welcome to the Tombs  Mar 31, 2013  7.5

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