Amc The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 “The Well” Teasers & Spoliers

Amc The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 “The Well” Teasers & Spoliers

What are your heroic moves from the episode 1 of season 7; The Walking Dead?

 From the beginning of the episode 1 of season 7; area of interest that would be the turned into picture from the beloved acquainted partner Abraham and Eugene and then Eugene moved with RV and we also had seen the multiple barriers are presented over the road simultaneously he stepped out and looked over the saviors and Negan walked towards each other. Making the caricature event full happening about the Eugene.  The motives of Negan and his group about to take advantages in order to take the useful info from Eugene.What to be next in the walking dead season 7 episode 2 ?

Number of trucks with continuous gunshots over the gate noticed by Gabriel; Alexandria.  Eugene was tied and Negan pulled Lucille and walked in to RV all the scenic view cover by screened with astonishing saviors. As you know the attributes of Negan while he was engaged with Lucille in the seduce manner of talking and SteveOgg has been screened with conspiring talks with other survivors in the background. On the other hand Negan has been chosen Glenn and begins to brutally beaten Glenn till death and by declare the open thought of credit.

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Negan was continuously beaten Glenn over the head part and creator of season covers everyone’s expression and as far as Glenn’s life line underlying at the dead end. Aaron was trying to save the Glenn and at the same time Maggie also adjoin for the same. Finally Negan Walked away and said “TaTa”and Lucille was cleaned off and then suddenly the turning point has been creating when Abraham shot and looked at Glenn and mean while he looked at Maggie; sitting beside the Glenn’s body.

Negan was pushed off by the Abraham and simultaneously striking the countless punches over the face and by watching this dread full incident other savior run towards to Abraham to pulled him back. Negan was trying to convenience Abraham as this is the sorrowful condition as he already observed and he looked at Rick and intimidating with no one is exception is here; beside this ordered for Daryl to pulled him inside the van and by looking over this happening Rick start shouting Stop it!

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In between Negan pulled the trigger over the head of carl and Rick stand to marked as savior for other but unforgiven for Daryl and proceed to him back into the van; with little lips moments he whispered Rick it’s all well!  Negan announced deadlock conditions and Steven looked after to keep a distance among the Rick’s group member till they would reach for the destination. Dramatically Sasha started blaming Ricks as you are nothing; as Glenn and Abraham would be the victim to be killed by him and she slapping over the Rick’s face, Carl fired a shot in air to make them threaten for Sasha to stop attacking.

Sasha get offed by Michonne and Rosita looking over the Abraham body; he was still alive as a little notion of breathing in between Aaron shacked Carl’s hand and accidently the gun was drawned away from Carl and run for safety into wood, Michonne yelled unfortunately not back, we looked a deceiving role of Kevin to leave with truck without any moral support and Rick was trying to convince Maggie but reflection of cold reflection has been noticed from her eyes.

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Morgan and Carol was the two trusted guys has been discussed by the other saviors group members as they were not intercommunicated directly with other community so in order to make acquainted he passed a massage for the group leader by one of believer and unknowingly Morghan asked for the them  and interestingly get to know about them as “savior”

Steven walked from truck when he looked over the factory gate and then back to the van; curiously open the back door from where someone shoot over saviors by machine Gun and he was none other than Daryl and kevin pressed his wounded shoulder and then Negan stop Daryl but he brutally beaten Daryl and Negan dialogue for Kevin tied Daryl and kept him for bargaining.




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  1. Es increible fantastico. Soy enfermera y pedi pase de salida para ver a Rick. Michione Rosita todos todos. Los productores el staf. Hacen un trabajo increíble. Los amo. Si los tuviera enfrente los besaria.
    Mi madre murio hace 3 años. Estuve deprimida mucho tiempo. Pero uds son mi mejor terapia.

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