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Sarcastic views over the leaked preview of The Walking Dead season 7 full episode 4 & 5

Rick and his group would be most trust worthy companion for Negan and at the same time Daryl was undergone through squeezing the previous episode of The Walking Dead; this would be more actionable for Alexandria in the upcoming episodes of amc The Walking Dead.

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 Here is the another spoiler and sneaker for episode 4 of TWD season 7

The creator still chasing the same character in terms of Alexandria and intermingling brainless merciless activities of Negan’s deadly play with the attributive roles of Ricks and other survivor group members. Season7 episode 4 is used by producer more captive as the timing for this season has been increased from previous episodes up to 90 minutes.

Synopsys of last Sunday’s episode of amc The Walking Dead have revealed the forthcoming glimpse of next round of episode. In this view the same lead role model is Alexandria which would be jostling in between Negan’s brutal game. Still the episode having enthralling as well as conspiracy for the unknown visitor some of the anticipator predicating it would be the Negan and on the other hand Alexandria would be taking supplies as it was already made clear form the episode 1; in order to make them ready for next dead lock conditions.

“Negan had the optimum possibility for the Win- Win situation for whole Season7” 

On the behalf of various promotional activities like promo video, and photos and dramatic entry of Negan with webbed bat with wire and reminding Alexandria with camouflage. Rick is interestingly looking over the whole incident of Negan and announcing he is no more in charge and now Negan will be our “Boss” and strategically only single way to jump out of the quagmire situation.

the Walking Dead season 7 full episode 4

It is seemingly looking more confiscating with unpredicted decision for taking the rifles for major intention either to shoot someone else and by looking over the whole dogma Rick to do thing unless he would get free and till the time he is also victimized to manage by his aggressive looks and appears to inactive with staring on the ground.

“It has been considered the rush hours for Alexandria contributive role”

 Furthermore we would be more astonishing when Rosita and Spencer looking for scavenging travel and trip and at the same situation other companion Eugene did not hear them for what reasons they head invited Eugene for the more countrified this trip without opening door gates.  As Eugene was busy trying to  managing the broken radio and delivering the skills, more specifically he would likely to be considering for artistic as well as engineered to in order to repair the dead radio and does not hear them

Finally, it have much more clear for other particular to insist to book a trip but unfortunately it was not possibly to plane for the extreme pleasurable trip and both Rosita and spencer are departed from scavenging travel as Negan was the major hurdle to facilitate intrinsic willfulness.

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