Walking dead

The season having the fantaluous conversation between two colleagues (Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh, the writer here want to seek your attention towards the upcoming alacrity and suddenly the picture of the episode jumped up into two phases one with  the hospital bed; with Rick Grimes and other phase covered with Shane. In between the whole situation having completely concentric over the “survival of livelihood”

Here the corporate protocol allow us to know about the founder and co-founder of company set the strategy and planning for the respective areas working, it is very soon to observe by these top peoples of the corporate world with their visionary approach about the future of the company. So more conclusive way till this time the Episode pointing us  towards the establishment of the company’s “vision” for the survival in all matter of situation.

Walking Dead Season 1 All Episodes

Release date – October 31, 2010 – December 5, 2010



 Release Date


Walking dead Season 1 Episode  1  Days Gone Bye  October 31, 2010  5.34
Walking dead Season 1 Episode 2  Guts  November 7, 2010  4.70
Walking dead Season1 Episode 3  Tell It to the Frogs  November 14, 2010  5.05
Walking dead Season 1 Episode 4  Vatos  November 21, 2010  4.72
Walking dead Season 1 Episode 5  Wildfire  November 28, 2010  5.54
Walking dead Season 1 Episode 6  TS-19  December 5, 2010 5.99


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